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HTPC does not require any downpayments or up front fees.  
Payment is collected "after" your system has been installed.
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100% Financing 0% Interest
"Hot Water, Cool Rates" Loan Program
Our Hot Water, Cool Rates offer helps Hawaii residents finance a new solar water heating system through one of
our many
Participating Lenders. We provide a $1,000 incentive for Participating Lenders to buy down the interest
on your loan. The lender will then provide you with a zero or low interest rate loan depending on your credit and/or
the financial institution.
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Low and moderate income homeowners who would like to repair their properties, but
are reluctant to do so because of the high costs may qualify for the City & County of
Honolulu's Rehabilitation Loan Program. This program provides zero or low interest
loans to income-qualified homeowners enabling them to repair their homes to meet
basic housing quality standards. A landlord loan program is also available to landlords
who rent to low-income tenants.

Solar Roof Water Heating Loans – This program provides financing for the
installation of solar water heating system to homes of income-qualified homeowners.  
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Energy Efficient Mortgage
Energy efficient mortgages came to be because of a nudge from the government to lenders in an effort to promote the use of solar energy as a
power source. Put another way, the government told lenders to do it and do it now. So, what exactly is an energy efficient mortgage? Glad you

An energy efficient mortgage is a loan that allows you to incorporate the cost of your solar improvements into your mortgage loan. The
improvements can cost up to 15 percent of the total value of your home. The lender will calculate the energy savings for you home because of
the new solar system and will add that to the total loan value, letting you borrow more than normal. Put another way, it doesn’t matter how much
equity you currently have in your home, the solar financing is added on top of the loan. This, of course, lets you get a solar system without much
out of pocket expense and you get to recover a good chunk of the cost through an increased mortgage interest deduction. Throw in tax credits,
rebates and net metering incentives, and solar is getting mighty cheap if you know how to work the system.