Solar Water Heating
Cut your water heating costs up to 90% with solar water heating.

A typical residential solar water-heating system reduces the
need for conventional water heating by about two-thirds. It
minimizes the expense of electricity or fossil fuel to heat the
water and reduces the associated environmental impacts.

There's never been a better time to buy a solar water heating
system. If you are a year-round Hawaii resident and have an
electric resistance water heater, you can save money and help
to conserve valuable natural resources.

Hi-Tech Plumbing Corp. (HTPC) has been installing solar
water heating systems since 1989 and was the first plumbing
company to install over a thousand systems via the Hawaiian
Electric Company’s (HECO) Solar Program.  To date, HPTC
has installed thousands of systems through out Oahu.
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Estimated/Sample Cost
(Single Family, one story, asphalt single roof)
*Average Cost of solar water heating system                 $6,600
Less Hawaii Energy ** Instant Rebate                           -$500
Customer Payment to the Contractor                               $6,100

Federal Tax Credit (30%)*        ($6,100 X 30%)     - $1,833.00

State Tax Credit (35%)*             ($6,100 X 35%)     - $2,135.00

NET SYSTEM COST TO CUSTOMER                       $2,135.00

*$6,600+ is the average system cost for the average size system for existing home
retrofits. Your price will vary as different household needs require different sizes of
solar hot water systems. Contractor charges also vary.

Solar water heating system rebates are available only for existing homes. A new
Hawaii law mandates solar water heating for all new homes to be built.

This example is for illustrative purposes only and should NOT be considered tax
advice.  Consult with your tax advisor, IRS, or state tax office to determine how these
credits should be calculated for your own individual situation.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.

** HE Rebate Program applies to replacement of electric
heaters only
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Kauai  -  Oahu  -  Molokai  -  Maui  -  Big Island
A Solar Energy Milestone For Hawaii

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Active Solar Water Heating System
An active system has a flat-plate collector on the
roof and a solar storage tank which is usually
located in a garage or utility room. An electric pump
circulates the water between the collector and the
indoor solar storage tank whenever solar energy is
available and needed to increase the temperature of
the water in the solar storage tank.
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Funding for rebates for cash purchases solar water heating systems have been exhausted until Hawaii Energy's next program year,
at this time we are still waiting on HE for confirmation of rebate program. Residents who choose to finance their solar water heating
system may still do so through the Hot Water, Cool Rates program.
Hawaii Energy’s $1,000 instant rebate
Select a Participating Contractor to take advantage of this solar water heating rebate. You’ll be joining one in four Hawaii residents
who are already saving money with solar water heating system.
HERE for details
Hot Water, Cool Rates
Hawaii residents who finance a new solar water heating system to replace their old electric water heater through a Participating
Lender are eligible to participate in this program that currently offers select financial institutions (Participating Lenders) a $1,000
incentive to buy-down the interest rate to 0% or a low rate for borrowers.
HERE for details
Solar Water Heating: Take A Stab